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Saint George Romanian Catholic Church 75th Diamond Jubilee Celebration 1935-2010

From difficult and demanding beginnings, through years marked by sacrifice and struggle, the parish has flourished and grown to meet the spiritual needs of the original neighborhood and now far beyond. 

Seventy-five years later, we can see how the Holy Spirit has guided and inspired a whole succession of priests, councilmen, cantors, youth group leaders, and Ladies Auxiliary members to achieve what at the outset may have seemed impossible. Thoughts turn to the founding paster, Fr. John Vuc who is with us in spirit and no doubt would be pleased with parish life in our time. The establishment and building of the current church structure was a highlight of years now past and today we seek together the will of God for the parish and the lives of all who come to us. 

Join us in remembrance as you read through our history. 

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